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Am I Mr. Collins?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

When Emilie asked me if I would do this pride and prejudice variation podcast with her, I was immediately excited! I love books, I love discussing books and I grew up with the BBC Pride and Prejudice movie on in the background. It sounded fun to get even more of this Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet world with someone who knew it well and could point me to her favorite books. And then get together and gab about it all.

But then we started recording and I got nervous. I am a casual Pride and Prejudice fan-I get characters mixed up, quotes wrong and don't know the exact dates and so much more. I like Jane Austen's world, but am I qualified to comment on it?

I began to fear if I was a Mr Collins. Someone who fills up space and time with a lot of silly empty commentary. If you have listened to any of the episodes so far, you know I can talk...a lot about pretty much anything. Do I sound like Collins who thinks he sounds so wise when he talks about studying compliments to give to ladies? Is what I am saying laughable to anyone who has been here for a while? Why did I agree to this podcast??

But my perspective has shifted as we read more books- I am supposed to be a novice. I am the person who is discovering this Jane Austen fan fiction (JAFF) for the first time. It offers a different perspective and welcomes in any others who are new to these books like me. It's okay if I get things wrong.

So if you have been a casual fan like me, come join! It has been even more delightful than I expected reading these books and discussing them with Emilie. I've enjoyed the new interpretations on old characters (who knew I could sympathize with Lydia? Blame Bingley? Or even find identify with Mrs. Bennet?). I've read genres of books I would not have picked up otherwise (vampires? fairies? zombies? Oh my!). And these new takes have made me think about love, gossip, judgement and so many more themes in my own life. And of course I always share those personal experiences in our episodes.

And if you have been in this JAFF world for a while and I go on and on about some mixed up fact, be patient with me and wait for Emilie to correct it. I'll try to channel Elizabeth Bennet herself and laugh at my own follies, whims and inconsistencies.


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